Scientific Editions

A rich medical library in all specialities, print and multimedia, specific to each country

A rich medical library in all specialties, print and multimedia, specific to each country.

We are constantly creating publications with updated content to disseminate the latest scientific approaches and developments in clinical practice.

In 2000, Permanyer obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality accreditation for scientifi­c publication, and has renewed it every year since. This is a sign of our commitment to product quality.


Our Books catalogue contains over 1,000 titles covering all medical specialties. Our most important scientific works are on Oncology, Hepatology, HIV Aids, Diabetes, Transplantation, Pain, etc.

We publish works and collections specific to each country, with local authors. They are all top medical professionals, Key Opinion Leaders of each country.


Permanyer publishes regular publications along the lines of Expert Reviews and Medical Journals.

In addition, the journals may have various dissemination formats. Besides the traditional print editions, we develop various e-formats (website, digital publication, hybrid publication, flip book, etc.).

Publications on Molecules

For many years, Permanyer has been regularly publishing a series of monographic titles on molecules.

In these, the different authors explain their clinical experience in each specialty.

Conference Reports

Permanyer publishes the highlights from the most outstanding international congresses on the different medical specialties.


Permanyer has already published a number of Vademecum, by specialty or pathology.


Permanyer publishes reprints of articles published in its journals. It also manages reprint rights with other medical publishers.