Online Products

A rich medical library in all specialities, print and multimedia, specific to each country

Online tools, applications, and strategies to improve medical knowledge and enhance medical practice.

Medical applications for smartphones, tablets and all devices. Online multimedia education system for medical professionals, Website design, Social Media networks, etc.

We provide an extensive experience in health-related multimedia production.

Apps for Mobile Devices

Permanyer develops apps for mobiles devices such as smartphones and tablets, with medical and scientific content, be it for continuous medical training, or as support for medical events and meetings in the different specialties.


Permanyer designs and develops accredited continuous medical training courses online and with multimedia technology. The courses are always given by prestigious doctors, international opinion leaders in their specialty.


Permanyer broadcasts recorded or live online congresses and conferences, with multimedia synchronization. These take the form of meetings, presentations, and papers given by international opinion leaders.

Web Content

Permanyer creates medical and scientific content for the Internet and develops projects and bespoke apps in the website and multiplatform environment.